The Zones


The Overworld

Come home to luxury! Our enclosed cloud cities are perfect for your upward lifestyle. Enjoy stratospheric sunsets in climate-controlled bliss. Our Hanging Gardens are actually hanging, literally! And our wind and solar generators guarantee you power all day every day.

After sleaving into your work body in the outer planets, come home to your natural body and relax in style.

The Overworld: For everybody who’s anybody.


The Surface

Experience old Earth! Fly between the peaks of Himalaya Park and adventure over the Amazon River Reserve. Hover above villages of natives enjoying the life of our primitive ancestors. See quaint Ludds and rustic idealists living the lifestyle of their choosing. Watch them brave the wastes to collect relics from before the Burn. Witness their life or death struggles – all from the comfort of our armored, escorted surface-skimmers. Your safety is 100% guaranteed!

The Surface: Adventure awaits.


Dauntless Lunar Mining Facility

Helium 3 is still the solar system’s most-used fuel for interplanetary shipping. Make fusion happen!

Supervisory positions available. Three square meals daily, guaranteed – of only the best lab-grown cuisine.

Dauntless is an equal-opportunity employer: Convicts, Mutants, and Ludds welcome!

Dauntless Lunar Mining Facility: Now with stricter security for your safety.


The Stone

Interviewer: Welcome back, viewers. We go now to our exclusive interview with an actual Stone denizen, who prefers to remain anonymous. Sir, what is The Stone?

Anonymous: The Stone, or Blood-from-a-Stone as we actually call it, is uh… an unregulated station… on an asteroid way the f*ck out there in the Kuiper Belt.

Interviewer: Which asteroid? How do you get there?

Anonymous: I can’t tell you, and you don’t want to know. But if yer serious, you’ll find it.

Interviewer: What can you find there?

Anonymous: Non-Contract stuff, know what I mean? You can get anythin’ there… fer a price. Like, it’s too far out fer corp security to shut you down, so if yer lookin’ fer black market meat-mods or software upgrades, the Stone’s yer place. Or if yer on the run from a corp. Or if yer into Skinning – you know, non-Contract sleaving with people’s natural human bodies. Or if yer a Ghost – I mean, like, if you get yer sleave transmission intercepted, you might end up a Ghost forced to work on the Stone. Or maybe you get intercepted, but they just make a duplicate of you. So you don’t even know it, but there’s another you out there slavin’ away – the sorry f*ck. Sad, really. The Stone’s full of ’em like that.

Interviewer: Any advice for would-be Stoners?

Anonymous: Don’t fall asleep, and go with backup.



Neith has never been found. Or has it? In this two-hour documentary, you’ll discover clues to this so-called “hidden moon”, rumored to abound in dark tech. Listen to experts on both sides:

Dr. Helcat of the Intercorp Commission, says, “Our exhaustive investigation found absolutely no evidence to suggest Neith is anything other than an urban myth.”

But Alix666, a private blogger, points out, “Who knows what kinda cloakin’ tech them corporate basterds got now’days? They can cloak a hover-tank, why not a moon? Think for yerself! Neith is OUT THERE!”

Is Neith an urban myth or a cloaked reality? Decide for yourself. Stay tuned for answers to this mystery of mysteries.

The Zones

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